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Material failure mode

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There are three types of damage to materials, namely, fracture, corrosion, and abrasion. In these three types of damage, although unlike the other two types, material abrasion rarely causes catastrophic accidents on metal workpieces, but the economic losses caused are very high. Astonishing. Abrasion generally occurs on the friction surface of the material. A large number of statistics show that 1/3 to 1/2 of the energy is consumed by abrasion, and 80% of the material fails due to abrasion. If the suspension of manual replacement of parts is added, the quality of the mechanical product If the efficiency is poor, the economic loss will be greater. According to statistics, my country consumes more than 3 million tons of metal wear-resistant materials every year [21, the application of friction and wear theory to prevent and reduce friction and wear can save 15 billion US dollars each year. The National Materials Policy Committee submitted a final report to the U.S. Congress, RPD. W. The Barrard report [31. The report pointed out that the losses caused by friction and wear caused the US economy to pay a huge sum of US$100 billion each year, and the material part of this loss was approximately US$20 billion. According to early statistics [41, the economic loss caused by wear and tear is about 10 billion marks per year in West Germany and about 12 billion rubles per year in the former Soviet Union. Therefore, wear is a major aspect of material and energy loss. The research and development of wear-resistant materials to reduce metal wear is of great significance to the national economy.

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